I am Steve Goldberg, the owner of Bad Reasoning – a blog that examines that the reasoning used in the media, whether it is by a journalist, ‘expert’, commentator or a member of the public.

My full-time occupation is as a technical writer for a software company, with my main tasks revolving around maintaining a wiki of technical and non-technical information about the software. Prior to this I studied for a Masters degree in Ethics and, prior to that, studying towards a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy & Social Policy.

As someone who has studied subjects seemingly about argumentation and logic, I find myself frustrated by some of the arguments that people put forward in order to justify their behaviour or views. Sometimes, they reach the heights of baffling. I hope to expose those people here, as well as starting up discussions on these topics.

The posts here tend not be checked for grammar and style – this isn’t laziness, it’s just that they’re usually written at 1am in the morning when I am in deep need of catharsis, and I normally fall asleep afterwards knowing that I have proved to myself that somebody is wrong on the internet.

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